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Cabin air filters are not in all vehicles. The cabin air filter cleans the air going into the passenger compartment. There are many pollutants, spores, and dust particles in the air today. The cabin air filter traps most of these before they reach the passenger cabin.

When you consider that a cabin air filter can stop a particle as small as three microns in size and a grain of sand is almost 200 microns, it's easy to see that having it filter the air entering your passenger compartment can make your travel experience much more pleasant.

Replace cabin air filters when they get dirty. Your service technician can inspect it, or consult your owner's manual for recommended replacement intervals.

Some cabin air filters are located behind the dashboard and take a little extra time to replace, while others can be easily reached. Our technician will know just where to look. Remember, smog, pollutants, allergens, and dust can be harmful. A clean cabin air filter will help keep these out of your passenger area.

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Drove in from Ohio Friday night. Car broke down on busy I-70. Called AAA for auto shop recommendations, they gave me two that were the closest. Called the first only to be told can't help us. Second call was to Floyd's. They said get car there in the morning and we'll look at it. Dropped car off, spoke with Nikki and left. Returned a few hours later and was told all checks came back good (no codes or mechanical history showing why it broke down). They ran car thru the paces and still found all okay. I cannot thank the team there that Saturday enough for looking into our car issue. This allowed us that peace of mind to drive back home. We highly recommend Floyd's to everyone who has auto needs. They are fair, friendly and go well above expectations for service. quotes-image
I drove to St. Louis area for a business meeting. 6 hour drive. Had some issues with my Dodge Durango on the way down, but made it in time for my meeting. When meeting was done for the day(around 6:30) I tried to start my car and found it would not start. I called Floyds. They had a tow truck there within an hour. The next day, by 2 pm they had left me a message saying it was fixed and I could come and get it. AND...the price for towing and repair were acceptable. Very fair and car now works as it should. Thank you Floyds.quotes-image